Schooling shifted my definition of success towards community. Working with many different international students on the residences at SFU grew my understanding of a variety of diverse cultures. Since my days at undergrad I’ve travelled to Mexico for humanitarian work, all over Canada, the USA, and Scotland.

With my undergrad finished and travelling put on pause, my passion for teaching and the outdoors became my focus while pursuing my B.Ed at SFU. Like my father before me, I got into millwork and general contracting trades in order to fund my schooling. It was during this time at SFU that I refined down one of the purposes of my life, to work with children with behavioural challenges and help them become functioning citizens of society. It is to this goal that I continue to teach in classrooms and research stronger ways of aiding children who struggle to fit into typical classroom environments. With this purpose in mind I’ve filled many electronic pages with notes of my students and interventions that I’ve tried in an attempt to create data for my Master’s degree.


Finishing up lifting after a +3x bodyweight squat at CPU Nationals 2017

Finishing up lifting after a +3x bodyweight squat at CPU Nationals 2017

Brogan Pratt

I grew up on a small horse, goat, chicken, duck, dog, and cat farm in Maple Ridge, British Columbia (we joke that my mother’s nickname is ‘Noah’ as we had 2 of every animal). Even since Kindergarten I recognized my passion for teaching others, accepting the ‘teacher-helper’ roles in my classes with great anticipation.  In my teens I pursued jobs that would allow me to teach others, working as a lifeguard and swim instructor. However, the entrepreneur in me could not be stopped and at the age of 14 I started my own business; shoveling horse excrement. Inspired by my father’s successful businesses, I hired out my friends to work under me and we would all head over to the stalls together to clean.

Success in my teens meant making enough money to buy a new muscle car, or rather, a really old muscle car to fix up. With that mustang burning a hole quickly into my wallet, I realized that I needed to widen my scope of interests. At 18 I studied human development & counselling, educational psychology, special education & learning disabilities, and sociology at Simon Fraser University. My time at SFU was busy; I worked as an art school teacher, day camp director, started a local outreach club, continued as a chef at my family restaurant, and worked on the campus residences as a Community Advisor.

Teaching about the Human Body with my classroom skeleton, "Fred."

Teaching about the Human Body with my classroom skeleton, "Fred."

I was incredibly thankful for my first classroom then, as it was right in line with my life’s purpose. After being hired as a TTOC, and with only 16 days of substitute teaching, I received a full time Grade ¾ teaching position at Cherry Hill Elementary in Mission BC. This classroom had severe behaviour difficulties and the best breeding ground for my ability to help children with behavioural challenges. The next year I landed a continuing grade 4/5 position at Edwin S Richards Arts Based Curriculum Elementary School.

Presently my wife and I teach in South Korea at Korea International School (KIS). Here I teach technology to students K-5, support classroom teachers with technology, and integrate tech school wide K-12 with cross grade technology projects. I am also currently researching my Masters Degree in Educational Technology at the University of British Columbia.

Most of my off time is spent researching ed tech, pursuing a new skill, or learning about nutrition and training to continue my journey towards competing at the World Championships in powerlifting next year; presently I’m sitting at 6th for the 74kg weight class in Canada.

When I’m not in the gym I’m backpacking in the wilderness with my wonderful wife Haley, researching behavioural interventions, or working with my local men’s group in Coquitlam.



My training philosophy focuses on total life development. When you focus on life preparedness (recovery, sleep, nutrition, & training) you automatically start performing better in the gym and on the platform. With a coaching style that focuses heavily on increasing mobility, speed, and power in the gym and discovering the best nutrition principles for your unique physiology on the table, my science driven approach will have you feeling better than you ever have before. 


Best lifts

Squat Gym: 505 Competition: 484

Bench Gym: 310 Competition: 291

Deadlift Gym & Competition: 500