Below are samples of video projects I’ve made in the past for a variety of purposes. Whether for the completion of my Masters in Educational Technology, applying for various certifications and awards, or creating a blended classroom approach, I hope you can learn something through watching.

Google Trainer Application 2018 - Approved

As part of the application process to become a Google for Education Trainer, you need to submit a video describing your story, and a short tutorial on a project. I’m proud to say that I am a Google trainer as of 2018 and am available for Professional Development in schools with integrating G Suite products into curriculum.

Apple Distinguished Educator Application - 2019

The above video is my ADE application for the class of 2019. It follows a story of my teaching career, what I’m passionate about, and how passions are built inside of the classes I teach. Results of the application are still pending.


Choosing the Right Keywords for a Google Search - Blended Classroom

If you’re trying to refine your Google search to find the information you’re looking for more effectively, look no further! This video will teach you some tricks of the Google Search trade to find information faster.


The Fastest Way to Learn Any Language: Mango Languages Review

If you're a teacher like myself, then learning how to say "hello, how are you?" in a student's native language can accelerate your classroom community building efforts tremendously!