With the world expanding its reliance on technology, having students adept at working with computers and the skills that go along with that is crucial; memorizing information isn't as important anymore as is the ability to research, analyze, and summarize information found online.

I've taught in device classrooms (every student receiving an iPad) and schools with with iPad carts, computer labs and laptops. Students as young as age 8 are learning how to code javascript and HTML with Scratch, Code.org, CodeCombat, and various in-classroom "techless" coding activities. 

Sample resources I’ve used include:

  • Various online research projects and training students how to research information
  • Various coding websites teaching block coding, HTML, and Javascript
  • Kahoot! an online quiz game to engage and test accountability of students
  • Using iMovie and Pinnacle studio to have students develop videos to express their knowledge
  • Using food tracking apps such as MyPlate to teach kids about proper nutrition
  • Interactive online lessons using Nearpod
  • Incorporated online math games to teach concepts in alluring ways
  • Manipulative local Foodwebs in ExplainEverything 
  • Extensive use of Schoology as an online marking book and resource bin to keep track of all my students’ progress.