The Best Pre-Workout Supplement That No-one Is Talking About

Why do we take pre-workout? How do we reduce fatigue of workout? The most important reason for taking a pre-workout is to reduce fatigue of workout and increase performance. The problem is, a lot of the pre-workouts on the market do a terrible job at accomplishing these two tasks. The pre-workouts are filled with proprietary blends and you have no idea what is in them, they are loaded with “filler” ingredients that don’t do anything for your workout, and the ones that do include ingredients that can be effective for improving performance are far and few between (or will set you back several hundred dollars a year). We already know about the benefits of caffeine for working out, but thereis a lesser known supplement that is probably missing from your pre-workout that could increase performance up to 10-15%.

               What magical "new" supplement is this? Beet root. Yes, those bright red vegetables.

Who would have thought that eating vegetables is good for you?

Who would have thought that eating vegetables is good for you?

Taking beetroot juice or beetroot powder before a workout can be effective for two reasons:

1: beetroot supplementation increases vasodilation, increasing blood flow, and reducing oxygen expenditure of exercise

2: beetroot supplementation reduces rates of perceived exertion


Beetroot is a great pre-workout because it is an excellent source of dietary nitrates (NO3-). It’s not the beetroot itself that is causing these adaptations, but rather the nitrates within the beetroot. High levels of nitrates can also be found in the spinach, turnips, and other tuber vegetables. However beetroot powder is suggested because it can come in convenient pill form instead of eating 3 kg of beets before going to work out.

Nitric acid increases vasodilation, which is greatly helpful for working out in that it does three things: it helps blood to flow easier, it helps to get more nutrients to your tissues, and it helps more oxygen get delivered to your muscles. If we can do all three of these things, that means that we can essentially work out for longer and it’s not near as hard to work out (reducing our rates of perceived exertion). While beetroot supplementation won’t increase muscle mass directly, the fact that you can work out for longer, and harder, will cause you to have collaborative effects on your workouts. If you work out harder you can live for longer and push yourself more, which will make your body adapt to the increased stress faster and lead to quicker growth.


According to, the most effective way of taking beetroot is between 6.4 – 12.8 mg/kilograms. Or in the non-science language, if you are

  • 150 pounds take between 440 – 870 mg

  • 200 pounds take between 580 – 1160 mg

  • 250 pounds take between 730 – 1450 mg

While everyone wants to dreamer bulk, no one wants to dreamerbulk on beetroots before a workout.

While everyone wants to dreamer bulk, no one wants to dreamerbulk on beetroots before a workout.

The best time to take beetroot is 1.5-2 hours before your workout. This sounds counter intuitive however, the most important reason that we need to take beetroot so early is that it takes a long time for nitrates to be dissolved into your bloodstream. Nitrates are at their highest concentration 2 to 3 hours after taking (and can stay in your blood stream for up to 8h). Hence the recommendation of taking it two hours before workout. Beetroot can also be mixed with a pre-workout meal of 40 g of carbohydrates to further increase your workout effectiveness.


Another great side benefit of beetroot supplementation is that it can help to normalize blood pressure (note I didn't say lower). If you have high blood pressure, and are looking for ways to reduce your blood pressure, beet root is a fantastic, cost-effective way to reduce your blood pressure.  What's great about beet root is that if you have low blood pressure, it shouldn't reduce your blood pressure further. However as with all new supplementation I suggest that you take the introduction of beetroot into your supplement regime slowly so that you can tell how it affects your individual body.


If you’re 170-ish pounds like me, take 1000 mg two hours prior to working out for increased workout duration, performance, increased pump, and reduced perceived rates of physical exertion.

If you’re looking for a great beetroot supplementation , Nature's Way puts out a great product that has 500 mg per pill and it cost $12 for a bottle of 100. That is some significant savings on your pre-workout supplementation and some significant performance improvements for a very cheap price. (It's worth noting that I am not paid by Nature's Way, however, it's the cheapest I've been able to find online)