Manual Scripts Reflection

Below is a short reflection on gratitude, written by hand (amazing!) For rather obvious reasons, I do not do much writing by hand as although I am capable of reading my writing, many others are not. Perhaps I should have gotten a career as a doctor or lawyer.


Do you normally write by hand or type?

Did you find this task difficult or easy?

While I don’t normally write by hand, it’s not as though it is difficult to write by hand. I certainly cannot write as fast as I can type, and if I do, often times even I am not able to read my own writing. The difficulty comes with not being able to find my hand written work when I’m finished with it.

What did you do when you made a mistake or wanted to change your writing?

How did you edit your work?

What do you feel is the most significant difference between writing by hand and using mechanized forms of writing?

Editing work is not overly difficult on paper, it just requires a rewrite or using arrows to insert writing into the correct place on my page (it ends up being a little more visual in nature than editing on paper); It’s clear that when writing, I prefer to type.

However, most of my rough prototype drawings/sketches for personal projects are indeed completed by hand, as I can more quickly correct mistakes than on a computer program. Perhaps this is due to my inexperience with programs like AutoCAD for drafting, and my relative experience with a pencil in my years as a visual arts instructor. There is something more tangible about a pencil that provides more life to a prototype than a computer; perhaps because a computer things already feel polished and complete, so I am less likely to want to make a change, whereas on paper I can simply throw the paper away, never having to see my mistake; whereas the computer remembers everything I’ve done wrong in it’s version history.