ETEC 524



ETEC 524 worked through several theoretical frameworks to assist in evaluating, selecting and using various learning technologies for use in education. The course focussed extensively on gaining hands-on experience using a range of learning technologies and platforms, for:

  • content presentation, creation and sharing;

  • collaboration, interaction and communication;

  • formative and summative assessment

Course Goals & “Flight Path”

A short writing about my personal goals and research focus specific to this course

How to Decide on a Learning Management System

A collaborative project designing a rubric for assisting teachers & organizations with deciding on an LMS to use in their school

Grade 4 Technology Literacy Year Plan

An entire year plan of units for a technology literacy class in grade 4.

Designing a Unit of Learning Reflection #1

A reflection of reasonings behind the structure and assessment of my unit of learning created

Designing a Unit of Learning Reflection #2

A Part 2 Reflection on designing Multimedia content

Portfolio Reflection

A final reflection on the course, and future directions.