Brogains Powerbuilding

  • Brogains is a 4x per week, upper/lower, heavy/dynamic split program that has you Squatting 2x, Benching 2x, and Deadlifting 1x per week (with an option for an alternate deadlift for 2x per week). The program runs in 3 separate phases that also peaks a lifter for a meet. The unique part of Brogains is that it teaches you how to find your weakpoints and allows you to adapt to what your weaknesses are. 


  • SPF Powerbuilding: Strength, Power, & Fortitude, is designed as an off season program for powerlifters, or as a general weightlifting program. You will be in the gym 3 or 4 days per week, working each muscle group 2x per week, and be in and out in under an hour. SPF Powerbuilding is a great program for those looking to develop a solid strength base. How to Run the Program