When you teach subjects integrated through the arts, students not only learn the content, they also engage with the content at a deeper level to make it a meaningful part of their person. When I was a visual arts instructor at Creative Kaos Art School, I honed by abilities in visual arts instruction for children aged 4-18. I believe that the fine arts are a vital part of any well rounded education and strive to include them into all of my unit plans; as such we practice art everyday. My approach to visual arts transcends simple art projects and incorporates cross-curricular activities, teaches students how to work together, and improves overall Social/Emotional learning within my classes. 

I am competent in instructing under a large variety of mediums including, but not limited to:

  • Acrylic, Oil, Tempera, and Watercolour paint
  • Oil and Chalk pastel
  • Graphite, Conte, and Charcoal
  • Various sculpture mediums (soft woods, balsa wood, paper, metal, wire harnesses, etc.)
  • Sand

Various types of supports for artwork that I have used:

  • Canvas
  • Fabric (be that pieces or shirts)
  • Plaster
  • Tin Foil
  • Wood
  • Diffusing paper
  • WC paper,
  • Murals on various mediums: drywall, cinderblock, tin

Placed Based Visual Arts Education

. Below is work specifically done with either place based principles in mind or re imagining First Nations artists. 

  • Emily Carr inspired "Deep Forest"
  • Orca water colour and colour theory
  • Local songbird fresco's
  • Roy Henry Vickers inspired prints
  • First Nations Eagle directed draw
  • Local bird chalk pastel
  • Local wildlife japanese folding curtains